Massage & Body

Massage Therapy Add-Ons

Aromatherapy $8

Scalp Massage $10

Foot Scrub w/Hot Towels $20

Biofreeze Application $1


Custom Massage                           

A blend of whats needed light and relaxing with some precise movements with more intense pressure to break up adhesion’s, restore movement and circulation.  Flowing strokes with firm but gentle pressure are utilized which will increase circulation and blood flow, ease muscle aches and tension, and leave you with an overall relaxation of mind and body. 50 min $75          90 Min $115        30 min $40

 Pregnancy Massage                       

Gentle and nurturing while focusing on the needs of the mother.  Enhancing relaxation is one of the benefits of this massage.  Other benefits include:  increase circulation; increases flow of nutrients to the placenta; aids in postural alignment; relief to joint discomfort; open chest for a deeper breath; and teaches the mother an awareness of body tension patterns.(50 Min) $80

Note: We can only perform a pregnancy massage if the client is out of her first trimester.




25 Min $40

50 Min $65

Hot Stone Massage (Basalt Stone)   $90

Hot stone massage is a form of “thermotherapy” in which hot stones are positioned on specific areas of the client’s body and allow for greater deep tissue manipulation. Massaging oils are used to allow the therapist to work with the muscles easier and the hot stones may be alternated with cold stones or room temperature stones to facilitate the massage treatment. (55 min)


Signature Body Glow Salt Scrub-

This is a full body treatment that improves circulation and exfoliation. We use the finest of Dead Sea salts with the aromatherapy of your choice. After a full body exfoliation under a therapeutic red light, hot towels and a moisturizing treatment. Your will skin will thank you. 45 min $55

Detox Mud Wrap (Thalassotherapy)-

The Seaweed and Clay Mud Masque is stimulating and detoxifying! French green clay and selected marine clays are infused with amino acids, vitamin E, green tea extract, grapefruit extract, and kelp. This will assist the body in purging the toxins out of the skin as it dries. Includes dry brush exfoliation, detox wrap, Scalp Massage, lotion application, hot towels and red light therapy. 50 min $ 65

Seaweed & Cellulite Spa Wrap (Thalassotherapy)-

Seaweed gently exfoliates, draws out toxins, Helps eliminate toxicity, smooth down cellulite deposits and is mineralizing and nourishing and promotes a healthy glow.  Does not contain surfactants (sodium lauryl sulfate), petro-chemical derivatives (mineral oil, petroleum), or chemical preservatives (parabens). Treatment includes dry brush exfoliation cellulite activator, seaweed application, hot towels, Scalp Massage, lotion application and red light therapy.  50 Min $75


Prices are subject to change with or without notice.

The Massage was the best I ever had!!”“Definitely worth the drive from Raleigh.”

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